about me:

Design is an invitation to explore areas of the world that do not exist. 
To see the unseen.
And so with design comes a special level of awareness. An ability to find inspiration through the synthesis of past experiences, present surroundings, and future possibilities.

While not working full time as an Architectural Designer, I continue to explore avenues to push my design skills to new levels. As a designer and entrepreneur,

As a consultant, I like to dive headfirst into fully understanding the clients and companies that I work with, and believe that a good design capture, not just the vision of the client, but also the ideals of the company for whom I am designing. I pride myself on exceptional communication, transparency in the process, and one-on-one personal services, which can often be lost with many large marketing and branding firms, and design-for-hire websites.

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Masters of Architecture in 2013, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012. I have worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer since 2013 and as a full-time Architectural Designer since 2014.

My educational background and professional experiences allow me to address each design challenge in a fundamentally unique way. I have lead and supported multiple teams through the design and construction of several architectural projects. I have personally designed the packaging for products that have found success in stores such as REI, Big-5 Sports, TASC, and The Container Store. I have won and/or been in the running for multiple design competitions, and have helped produce a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in just over 24 hours.

My latest adventure is the creation of The Pup Mug Project which has $250 in support of no-kill animal shelters (as of 2019).

I am also a self-taught musician, avid baseball player, and when I am not designing, you can usually find me up in the mountains hiking, backpacking, or camping with my dog River. 

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